Reagent Management System that chemical structual formula can be used.


Feature of Product

「CRAIS Reagent」is Reagent Management System that chemical structual formula can be used.
CRAIS Reagent connected with the structural formula data so you can excute with management better.
It is possible to search Catalog or inventory Reagent by Structural Formula simply, and register not only Reagents but also the combined intermediates and compounds in your company.

The difference between CRAIS Reagent and Chemical Design

CRAIS Reagent Chemical Design
Filling catalog data contains structural formula  Possible  Impossible
Registration of their compound  Can registered by structural formula  Can not registered by structural formula.
Poisonous and deleterious substance management


Connect with CRAIS Checker called Regulatory Check System, it is possible to make a decision based on laws such as Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law from structural formula.
Reagent ordering function


With an order prohibition flag of reagent's master group, you can prevent the purchase of reagents that is being prohibited by Company Policy.
Search by structural formula  It is possible to search catalog and stock at the same time.  Impossible

Introduction of the relevant system

You can manage with more accurately and in detail by the combination of CRAIS Reagent and System that will be introduced after that.
※ It becomes Negotiated Dealing System with Patcore of your partner company.

The controlled substances check system
CRAIS Checker

This is a System helps you can confirm drugs, specified medicinal substances, poisonous substances or deleterious substances of laws by using chemical structural formula. Because the structure which corresponds to the regulatory laws can be easily identified, you can promote the proper management of the compound in the organization.